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Board of Directors

2017-2018 MGSA Board of Directors

  • Kelley Smith, President (email)
  • Jason Harrell, Vice President (email)
  • Julian Clepper, Treasurer (email)
  • Nicole Rodriguez, Secretary (email)
  • Eddie Winn, LPA-League Player Agent (email)
  • Jason Von Haefen- Board Member
  • Susan Harrell-Board Member
  • Mark Hayward-Board Member
  • Rene Tillman-Board Member
  • Jason Harper- Board Member
  • Kelly Geiser-Board Member
You can email us your concerns or comments to support@mgsasoftball.org or the entire board at board@mgsasoftball.org. Please know that we take our responsibilities seriously and are here for the girls.  Abuse of our open communications will result in you email account(s) being blocked.
If you have a problem please FIRST contact your Division Coordinator. If you feel that your Division Coordinator hasn't helped you, you can THEN contact the League Player Agent (LPA).
Our league is sanctioned by the ASA and we are in District 14 of the Texas ASA.
Our board meetings follow Robert's Rules of Order.