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Team Coordinators

Team Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Insure all Volunteers interacting with Players have completed their background checks.
  • Insuring Parents are aware of the Team Page and assist in keeping the page updated.
  • Serve as a point of collection for your team in regards to fundraisers. 
  • Assist in coordinating your team successfully through pictures.
  • Coordinating a thank you gift for the coaches at the end of the season.
  • Coordinating a team party at the end of the season.
Special Notes:
  • There is no rule that the team coordinator must be a mom. There have been plenty of dads in recent years who have done a great job. 
  • Do not let yourself become a babysitter at practices or games or a taxi service for parents who can not get their children to games or practices.
  • Stay organized. Be sure to have a calendar available for team dates as parents will often call and ask for time and dates of games or practices since they have lost their own schedule.
  • If you are giving a hand-out at practice be sure to write the name of the player on the top of the page and give to the adult responsible for the player. By doing that you will be sure that everyone gets a copy and the players do not just stuff in their bags.