6U (5-6 years old)

8U (7-8 years old)

10U (9-10 years old)

Mix (11-14 years old)

When is Registration?

Spring Registration starts in December.

Fall Registration starts in August.

If I missed registration can I still get on a team?

No, sorry once teams have been selected no extra players may be added.

What does my registration fee pay for?

Fees provide uniforms, Umpires, trophies and awards, equipment purchases and equipment repair, field maintenance, insurance, etc.

Is there a fundraiser?

Yes, in the Spring season. Players sell 2 books of raffle tickets for various items to be drawn on Opening Day.

Team Sponsorships:

ALL teams are required to solicit a team sponsorship in the amount of $500. Your SPONSOR will receive a team plaque.

Concession Stand Guidelines:

NO CHILD under the age of 16 yrs. old will be allowed in the concession stand area, NO EXCEPTIONS! Concessions are operated by the parents/family of the league’s players.

How are teams formed?

There is a tryout and a draft. Tryout is more accurately described as an evaluation event. The players will demonstrate their ability of hitting, running, catching and throwing. We will then conduct a draft in which coaches will select girls to add to their team in a rotational format.

For the 10U and Mix division, if a player is a pitcher or catcher there will be pitcher and catcher evaluations at the end of the group tryout.

When and where will practices and games be held?

All practices are at the discretion of the team coach. During the draft each coach is assigned 2 practice slots per week at the MGSA fields for practices prior to the season opening. Once season starts, practice times and locations are determined by the coach. Games will be held at the MGSA softball fields at 16716 FM 149, Montgomery, TX 77356.

How many games do you play per season?

It depends on the number of teams in a division. Typically, a season is 12-14 games.

What days are games played on?

Opening Day will be the only Saturday games. All other games are played on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Can I be drafted if I miss tryouts?

Yes. Any player not able to attend tryouts will become a “hat pick” at the end of the draft. Meaning, the draft rotation continues with coaches drawing a name from a “hat”.

How are coaches selected?

Adults volunteer to coach or are recruited by our Board. Each prospective coach must complete a USA Softball background check and ACE coaching certification.