Concession Needs

Our concession stand plays a huge role in the success of our fundraising efforts. We do this by partnering with our local business to minimize the financial outlay for the products used in our operation. By having most of, if not all, of our items donated we are increasing the profits that directly affect our general fund. Allowing us to maintain a reasonable reserve in the bank thus keeping registration fees as low as possible and eliminating additional burdens typically passed to the participants. Thank you for considering a donation in the following areas:

  • Beverages - Cases of canned or bottled sodas, water, fruit drinks, or sport drinks

  • Hot Dog buns, franks, wrapping material or condiments

  • Hamburger buns for BBQ sandwiches

  • Chopped or Sliced BBQ

  • Tortilla chips for our Nachos and Jalapeno condiments

  • Bagged Chips - personal sized

  • Ice Pops (which are treats given to the girls after their games)

  • Packaging materials - nacho trays, small containers with lids for condiment distribution, togo trays

  • Pop Corn Machine Supplies

  • Candy items

For more information or to donate please contact:

Julian Clepper


Jennifer Neal