Background Procedure

If you would like to volunteer in any position we ask that you perform a background check through ASA. We are an organization who strives to be very proactive in regards to the safety of our girls. Please follow the instructions below to perform your background check and feel free to contact us should you have any issues:


    1. Login to, or create and account at,

      1. If setting up a profile please note we are under Texas ASA, District 14 out of Magnolia.

    2. Perform the ASA Background Check

    3. Check back with in to see if your status reports clear.

    4. Once cleared ASA will allow you to proceed with the ACE Course.

    5. Also once you have a cleared status please print out page and turn it in to us.

      1. You can also scan to PDF and email to, or

      2. Drop to your team coordinator, coach or division coordinator